Rolling Meadows Chamber of Commerce


     There are very few greater joys than uplifting your community. When you promote strong citizens, healthy families and vibrant neighborhoods, your community will not fail. Recently, I teamed up with a group of dedicated community members and working professionals who had begun collaborating with businesses and non-profits to coordinate and consolidate resources that provide, guidance, and assistance to residents in need.

     We hope to see our collective efforts and vision evolve into a self sustaining 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization and a permanent fixture within our community. Afterall, having a physical resource center that provides programs and services will bring hope and empowerment to many residents and  neighbors.


     I joined the Rolling Meadows Chamber of Commerce in 2016. My membership allowed me to provide my services and help organizations of various size and industry improve their commercial viability. I've constructed in-depth analysis of their existing organizational challenges and delivered custom methods for process improvement.  These contributions have made positive impacts on their operations, their bottom line, and enhanced their economic participation in our community.

     I excel in areas of strategic business planning, change management, coaching, process analysis, process development, technology implementation and deployment among numerous other tasks.

In December 2017 I was recommended to fill a seat as a member on their Board of Directors. 


     The Rolling Meadows Chamber of Commerce partnered with the 21st Century Institute, to engage in a series of diplomatic missions with distinguished guests from China. 

     The focus of these tours are to showcase our high tech businesses and manufacturing facilities as well as the local educational institutions that facilitate innovation of science and technology to outline the many creative business opportunities and resources we're capable of enabling.

     These tours offer a platform to promote the positive exchange of practices between countries, networking and a greater understanding of business operations including foreign business integration in the U.S.


The Smart City

Social Services & Community Outreach

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Diplomatic Missions

Technology Council


     Smart cities improve the quality of lives of all citizens. All across the world there is an increasing demand for intelligent, sustainable environments to help offset our environmental impact while still achieving a higher quality of life. I am actively recruiting the local business community, tech companies, and academic institutions, to establish a technology committee for the City of Rolling Meadows. 

     The technology committee identifies and pursues technologies and strategies that work best for our city and residents.  The goal of this committee is to combine components of technology, government and society to enable next-generation experiences, ignite economic growth, enhance security, and improve sustainability, ultimately changing the way we work, live, learn, and play in our community.  

     As a working group, one example of our efforts would be examining mobility and autonomous vehicles within a smart city infrastructure.

     I am participating in early conversations to help establish the Illinois Autonomous Vehicle Association.  Imagine the possibilities from taking part in their live test environment program.  Giving self-driving vehicles access within our city.  In order to effectively do this, we would establish a standard set of requirements, constraints and outline the benefits to ensure they far outweigh any drawbacks.